Let Me Help You

Repeating from my home page, I help organizations increase value with practical, customized and long lasting solutions at a reasonable cost. I help inspire, train, and motivate executives, managers, employees and also partners.

Many of you are challenged by or frustrated at getting buy-in from your executives, managers, and co-workers. You face resistance to change. Together we can persuade and convince them. I have observed "champions" successfully drive organizational transformation. I can assist you in "championing" your ideas and making advocates of others to support your thinking and beliefs.


Services I Offer

  • Present to and educateyour organization or teams to clarify the confusion and misconceptions about business analytics and enterprise and corporate performance management (EPM/CPM) methods.

    Benefits: Validate everyone's concerns and needs. Gain consensus.

  • Perform an "assessment / audit"of your managerial Accounting practices, strategy map, key performance indicators (KPIs), and organizational improvement readiness.

    Benefits: Understand what stage of maturity you are at.

  • Conduct a rapid prototyping workshop to "get started"(or validate) your activity-based costing model and/or strategy map and KPI selection ... in just a few days.

    Benefits: Speed to results with accelerated learning.

  • Identify "gaps"between where you currently are and want to (need to) be to execute your strategy and/or improve processes. Construct a "road map" to close the gaps.

    Benefits: Understand what actions to do next.


My Special Competency and Capabilities

  • My special skill is I inspire and motivate. I show your organization how to gain insights and foresights from Big Data. I help you solve problems and pursue opportunities.

  • I help create a culture for analytics and metrics and a desire to improve performance. I help in gaining trust among a skeptical workforce.